Every Day Is Thanksgiving Lyrics - Live in New Orleans

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Every Day Is Thanksgiving, is the popular Thanksgiving song from the album, Live in New Orleans. It is written by Leonard G. Burks and performed by Gospel Music Workshop of America.

Every Day Is Thanksgiving Lyrics-  Live in New Orleans |

‘Every Day Is Thanksgiving’ Lyrics

Everyday is a day of thanksgiving.
God's been so good to me,
everyday He's blessing me.
Everyday is a day of thanksgiving;
take the time to glorify the Lord today.

Verse 1:
I thank God for the moments
when I worship His name,
I thank Him for the sacrifice of praise.
It's no mystery to say,
how my God is everyday;
making my way through clouds so dark,
bringing His light into my heart.


Verse 2:
Yes, there's pressures all around me
when fighting Satan's descending powers,
that never cease from trying to bring me down.
But I just lift my hands to glory,
believing in God's redemption story;
thanking Him for His saving grace,
as God gives me power just to win this race.


He keeps blessing me,
blessing me;
He opens the door
that I might see,
He's blessing me.

He keeps blessing me,
blessing me;
take the time to glorify the Lord today.

About Song ‘Every Day Is Thanksgiving’

Album Live in New Orleans
Released Year 1990
Lyricist Leonard G. Burks
Genre(s) Thanksgiving

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