20+ Best Billie Eilish Songs, With Lyrics

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Worst and best ranked (by fans) songs of Billie Eilish.

20 Best Billie Eilish Songs, With Lyrics

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Billie Eilish is an American singer and song writer, who rose to fame from her first song Ocean eyes.

Her debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? (2019), became one of the best-selling albums in the year of its release and also made position in Billboard 200. The song Bad Guy from this album featured number 1 in Billboard Hot 100 list.

She is recipient of five Grammy awards, two American Music Awards, two Guinness World Records, three MTV Video Music Awards, and one Brit Award.

Let’s take a look at one of the worst and best ranked Billie Eilish songs, with lyrics.

Lo Vas A Olvidar - ROSALÍA, Billie Eilish


Dime si me echas de meno' aún
Dime si no me perdonas aún
¿Qué harás con to' este veneno? Na' bueno
Dime si me echas de meno' aún

¿Lo va' a olvidar? Can you let it go? Can you let it go?
¿Lo va' a olvidar? Can you let it go? ¿Lo va' a olvidar?
¿Lo va' a olvidar? Can you let it go? Can you let it go?
¿Lo va' a olvidar? Can you let it go? ¿Lo va' a olvidar?...Read More

Bad Guy

White shirt, now red my bloody nose
Sleeping, you're on your tippy toes
Creeping around like nobody knows
Think you're so criminal
Bruises, on both my knees for you
Don't say thank you or please ¨
I do what I want when I'm wanting to
My soul? So cynical...Read More

Bury A Friend

What do you want from me? Why don't you run from me?
What are you wondering? What do you know?
Why aren't you scared of me? Why do you care for me?
When we all fall asleep, where do we go?

Come here
Say it, spit it out. What is it exactly?
You're payin'? Is the amount cleanin' you out? Am I satisfactory?
Today, I'm thinkin' about the things that are deadly
The way I'm drinkin' you down
Like I wanna drown, like I wanna end me ... Read More

Ocean Eyes

I've been watching you for some time
Can't stop staring at those ocean eyes
Burning cities and napalm skies
Fifteen flares inside those ocean eyes
Your ocean eyes

No fair
You really know how to make me cry
When you give me those ocean eyes
I'm scared
I've never fallen from quite this high
Falling into your ocean eyes
Those ocean eyes ... Read More



Sitting all alone
Mouth full of gum
In the driveway
My friends aren't far
In the back of my car
Lay their bodies

Where's my mind
Where's my mind

They'll be here pretty soon
Looking through my room
For the money
I'm biting my nails
I'm too young to go to jail
It's kinda funny ... Read More

Wish You Were Gay 

Baby, I don't feel so good
Six words you never understood
I'll never let you go
Five words you'll never say
I laugh along like nothing's wrong
Four days has never felt so long
If three's a crowd and two was us
One slipped away

I just wanna make you feel okay
But all you do is look the other way
I can't tell you how much I wish I didn't wanna stay
I just kinda wish you were gay ... Read More


Don't be that way
Fall apart twice a day
I just wish you could feel what you say
Show, never tell
But I know you too well
Got a mood that you wish you could sell

If teardrops could be bottled
There'd be swimming pools filled by models
Told "a tight dress is what makes you a whore"
If "I love you" was a promise
Would you break it, if you're honest?
Tell the mirror what you know she's heard before
I don't wanna be you...
Anymore...Read More


Don't be cautious, don't be kind
You committed, I'm your crime
Push my button anytime
You got your finger on the trigger, but your trigger finger's mine

Silver dollar, golden flame
Dirty water, poison rain
Perfect murder, take your aim
I don't belong to anyone, but everybody knows my name ... Read More

I Love You

It's not true,
Tell me I've been lied to
Cryin' isn't like you
What the hell did I do?
Never been the type to
Let someone see right through

Maybe won't you take it back
Say you were tryna make me laugh
And nothing has to change today
You didn't mean to say I love you
I love you
And I don't want to...Read More

All The Good Girls Go To Hell

My Lucifer is lonely

Standing there, killing time
Can't commit to anything but a crime
Peter's on vacation, an open invitation
Animals, evidence
Pearly gates look more like a picket fence
Once you get inside 'em
Got friends but can't invite them

Hills burn in California
My turn to ignore ya
Don't say I didn't warn ya

All the good girls go to hell
'Cause even God herself has enemies
And once the water starts to rise
And Heaven's out of sight
She'll want the Devil on her team...Read More

You Should See Me In A Crown

Bite my tongue bide my time
Wearing a warning sign
Wait till the world is mine
Visions I vandalize
Cold in my kingdom size
Fell for these ocean eyes

You should see me in a crown
I'm gonna run this nothing town
Watch me make 'em bow
One by one by one
One by one by
You should see me in a crown
Your silence is my favorite sound
Watch me make 'em bow
One by one by one
One by one by one ... Read More

Listen Before I Go

Take me to the rooftop
I wanna see the world when I stop breathing, turnin' blue
Tell me love is endless, don't be so pretentious
Leave me like you do (Like you do)

If you need me, wanna see me
Better hurry 'cause I'm leavin' soon

Sorry can't save me now
Sorry I don't know how
Sorry there's no way out (Sorry)
But down
Hmm, down

Taste me, the salty tears on my cheek
That's what a year-long headache does to you
I'm not okay, I feel so scattered
Don't say I'm all that matters
Leave me, déjà vu (Hmm)...Read More


What is it about them?
I must be missing something
They just keep doing nothing
Too intoxicated to be scared
Better off without them
They're nothing but unstable
Bring ashtrays to the table
And that's about the only thing they share

I'm in their second-hand smoke
Still just drinking canned Coke
I don't need a Xanny to feel better
On designated drives home
Only one who's not stoned
Don't give me a Xanny now or ever...Read More


Told you not to worry
But maybe that's a lie
Honey, what's your hurry?
Won't you stay inside

Remember not to get too close to stars
They're never gonna give you love like ours

Where did you go?
I should know
But it's cold and I don't
Wanna be lonely so show me the way home
I can't lose another life...Read More

My Strange Addiction

"No, Billy, I haven't done that dance since my wife died."
"There's a whole crowd of people out there who need to learn how to do The Scarn."

Don't ask questions, you don't wanna know
Learned my lesson way too long ago
To be talkin' to you, belladonna
Shoulda taken a break, not an Oxford comma
Take what I want when I wanna
And I want ya

Bad, bad news
One of us is gonna lose
I'm the powder, you're the fuse
Just add some friction...Read More


Thought I found a way
Thought I found a way out (found)
But you never go away (never go away)
So I guess I gotta stay now

Oh, I hope someday I'll make it out of here
Even if it takes all night or a hundred years
Need a place to hide, but I can't find one near
Wanna feel alive, outside I can't fight my fear

Isn't it lovely? All alone
Heart made of glass, my mind of stone
Tear me to pieces, skin to bone
Hello, welcome home...Read More

When The Party's Over

Don't you know I'm no good for you?
I've learned to lose you can't afford to
Tore my shirt to stop you bleeding
But nothing ever stops you leaving

Quiet when I'm coming home and I'm on my own
I could lie, say I like it like that, like it like that
I could lie, say I like it like that, like it like that

Don't you know too much already?
I'll only hurt you if you let me
Call me friend, but keep me closer
(Call me back)
And I'll call you when the party's over...Read More


Wait a minute, let me finish
I know you don't care, but can you listen?
I came committed, guess I overdid it
Wore my heart out on a chain around my neck
But now it's missin'

So I think I better go
I never really know how to please you
You're lookin' at me like I'm see-through
I guess I'm gonna go
I just never know how you feel
Do you even feel anything? ...Read More

Six Feet Under

Help, I lost myself again
But I remember you
Don't come back, it won't end well
But I wish you'd tell me too...Read More


I wanna be alone
Alone with you, does that make sense?
I wanna steal your soul
And hide you in my treasure chest...Read More

Come Out And Play

Wake up and smell the coffee
Is your cup half full or empty?
When we talk, you say it softly
But I love it when you're awfully quiet, quiet ... Read More

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