25+ Short And Inspiring Poems For Teachers That Will Make Them Cry

By HighClap

For singing countless songs with passion. For reading so many books to us. For making us smile through your jokes and funny dialogues. For being with us through thick and thin. Thank you Teacher!

Short And Inspiring Poems For Teachers Day

Teacher’s Day Poem In English

  1. You Are:
    T – Talented
    E – Elegant
    A – Awesome
    C – Caring
    H – Helpful
    E – Efficient
    R – Receptive
    Teachers Day Poem In English
  2. On this very special day,
    A note of thanks, I am sending your way.
    To express my heartfelt greetings
    To someone who is more than just a teacher.
    You have been there in my dark days,
    Leading me diligently through the way.
    Pulling my ship to the shore,
    When the storms of the sea were at a roar.
    For all the guidance and love you showered, 

    Thank You, Teacher, today and forever.
    Teachers Day Poem In English - On this very special Day
  3. God gave us a special friend

    God gave us special friends
    To help us understand His world
    And truly comprehend
    The beauty and the wonder
    Of everything we see,
    And become a better person
    With each discovery.

    When God created teachers,
    He gave us special guides
    To show us ways in which to grow
    So we can all decide
    How to live and how to do
    What’s right instead of wrong,
    To lead us so that we can lead
    And learn how to be strong.

    Why God created teachers,
    In His wisdom and His grace,
    Was to help us learn to make our world
    A better and wiser place.

    - Kevin William Huff

  4. Thank You Teacher

    Thank you for all the
    Hours you spend,
    Attention you give,
    Needs that you tend,
    Knowledge you pass on,

    Your special touch,
    Offering guidance,
    Undaunted by much,

    Time you spend planning,
    Efforts you make,
    Angles to learning.
    Chances you take.
    Here’s to our teachers,
    Each one a gem.
    Recognized now; we,
    Salute them!

    Teachers Day Poem In English - Thank You Teacher

Short Poem On Teacher’s Day

  1. To A Special Teacher

    When I started in School,
    This day seemed so far away.
    Now it's here and I can't believe
    That time has passed so quickly
    But through your encouragement and guidance
    I feel I'm ready for tomorrow's challenges.
    Teachers play such an important part
    In shaping and guiding...
    Especially teachers like you,
    Thank you for caring so much.

    Short Poem On Teachers Day - To A Special Teacher
  2. Teacher teacher, dear teacher
    You always led by example, you were never a preacher
    Teacher teacher, dear teacher
    Even when we failed, you were always a believer
    Teacher teacher, dear teacher
    You looked after everyone, even the backbenchers
    Teacher teacher, dear teacher
    Your knowledge and wisdom, has made us richer
  3. Happy Teacher’s Day

    Happy Teacher’s Day!
    Teachers in the world,
    Have a great day!
    Try to enjoy yourself
    Because today is your day.

    Thank you for guiding us,
    Inspiring us and made us what
    We are today,
    Happy Teacher’s Day!

    Short Poem On Teachers Day

Rhyme Teacher’s Day Poem | Teacher’s Day Poem For Kids

  1. Some Teachers

    Some teachers are sweet
    Some teachers are a delight
    Some teachers are funny
    Some teachers are always right

    Some teachers are cute
    Some teachers are annoying
    Some teachers are boring
    Some teachers are irritating

    But you, are hard to label
    Because in every possible way
    You motivate and inspire us
    Day after day

    Thank you

    Rhyme Teachers Day Poem titled Some Teachers
  2. 5 September

    Some teachers preach
    But good teachers only teach

    Some teachers help you to learn
    But good teachers help you to discern

    Some teachers compliment you to do better
    But good teachers ask you to work harder

    You were the best of them all, for me
    You made me the best I could ever be.

     Teachers Day Poem For Kids titled 5 September
  3. Teacher’s Day

    T is for talented which you surely are
    E is for explaining everything to us in details very patiently
    A is for your ability to make learning fun
    C is for correcting us when we are wrong
    H is for always helping us
    E is for always encouraging us
    R is for rare; there is only one of you

     Teachers Day Poem For Kids - Meaning of teacher
  4. First butterfly drawn from crayon blue,
    To the theory of relativity, you guided me through

    Making complex mathematics simpler is easy for you,
    Heavy backpacks made sense each time you taught something new.

    The Monday blues had no impact on you;
    Like a flower, a child blooms, when it has a teacher like you.

    Happy Teachers Day!

     Teachers Day Poem For Kids - Learnings by teachers

Inspirational Poems For Teachers

  1. Thank You, Teacher, For Guiding Our Way
    You guide us,
    You teach us,
    You let us know,
    what is right.
    You help us,
    You direct us,
    And …
    Today is Your Special Day Teacher
    We take this day as an opportunity,
    To extend our heartfelt thanks to you.
    For all the patience and love
    Thank you for being our teacher!
  2. Teachers open up young minds,
    showing them the wonders of the intellect
    and the miracle of being able to think for themselves.

    A teacher exercises the mental muscles of students,
    stretching and strengthening,
    so they can make challenging decisions,
    find their way in the world,
    and become independent.

    The best teachers care enough
    To gently push and prod students
    to do their best and fulfill their potential.
    You are one of those.

    Thank you!

    Inspirational Poems For Teachers

Poem For Teacher Appreciation


    Oh, my Teachers,
    How wonderful you are,
    You are the best,
    Of all I know the rest.
    You teach me things,
    I have not known so far,
    You are a kind,
    Who helps improve my mind.
    You teach me lessons from the book,
    Which I read and  pictures look,
    When I see some strange creatures,
    You explain about their features.
    You do warn us  to be careful,
    Or else, I know the result ‘d be dreadful.
    Often your words are so glazing,
    To me they are mind bogging, blazing.
    How could I ever thank you enough,
    For all the attention given to me,
    Making me bloom into flowery bough,
    Now I enjoy the nectar like a bumble-bee.
    So today I  wish to say,
    A Happy Teachers Day,
    May you have all God’s blessing,
    On this Special Day.

  2. A teacher is,
    Life changing inspiration, 
    direction to achieve the goal, 
    Sometimes in dire situations, the support of love, , 
    Sometimes sweet words of appreciation 
    Sometimes a cane on the hand.

    A teacher is, 
    Idol of good rites, 
    Inspiration that gives courage in times of crisis, 
    A craftsman who builds students of character, 
    The magic wand that makes a student's dreams come true.

    A teacher is, 
    Deep foundational knowledge base, 
    Dispel the darkness of ignorance in life, 
    A sword that cries out against injustice, 
    Insights from experience, 
    Such is the eternal gratitude of teachers

    Poem For Teacher Appreciation

Thank You Poem For Teacher's Day Celebration

  1. I Want To Be Like You

    Thank you, teacher,
    for being my life's role model.
    When I consider all you've taught me
    and reflect on the kind of person you are,
    I want to be like you—
    smart, interesting and engaging,
    positive, confident, yet unpretentious.
    I want to be like you—
    well-informed and easy to understand,
    thinking with your heart as well as your head,
    gently nudging us to do our best,
    with sensitivity and insight.
    I want to be like you—
    giving your time, energy and talent
    to ensure the brightest possible future
    for each of us.
    Thank you, teacher
    For giving me a goal to shoot for:
    I want to be like you!

    Thank You Poem For Teacher's Day Celebration
  2. Happy Teacher's Day

    Today is your day,
    and we'd like to thank.
    We won't misbehave,
    nor pull a new prank.

    We're extremely grateful,
    for all the things that you do.
    We appreciate and acknowledge,
    as we look through your view.

    Sometimes we don't listen,
    while you repeatedly explain.
    We're sorry for our insincerity,
    and for causing you pain.

    You've shown us the importance,
    with effort to strive.
    For knowledge and success,
    and not just survive.

    We would like to add,
    from our hearts we really care.
    You mean a lot to us,
    you're beautifully rare.

    Happy Teacher's Day,
    to a special teacher like you.
    With your wisdom you guide us,
    to a life that is humble and true.

  3. Thank you Teacher 

    Thank You for Bringing Out the Best in Me
    You bring out the best in others
    You brought out the best in me
    The results of all your efforts
    I hope are plain to see

    Your care and your dedication
    Always shines right through
    So teacher with my heart and soul
    I want to say thank you.

    Thank You Poem For Teacher's Day Celebration - Thank You for Bringing Out the Best in Me
  4. Thank You, Teachers

    Teachers are keys
    That unlock the student's mind.
    You are guides who mold our mind.
    You are one of a kind.

    You are like a shepherd
    Who guides the sheep
    To the right path.

    You, teachers, turn the pages
    Of the great books.
    You train us well
    To reach great heights.

    Thank you, teachers,
    For all you have done.
    In the group of many
    You are one.

    Thank You Poem For Teacher's Day Celebration titled Thank you teacher

Teacher’s Day Poem In Hindi

  1. अमृत वाणी

    गुरु आपकी ये अमृत वाणी हमेशा मुझको याद रहे
    जो अच्छा है जो बुरा है उसकी हम पहचान करे,
    मार्ग मिले चाहे जैसा भी उसका हम सम्मान करे
    दीप जले या अँगारे हो पाठ तुम्हारा याद रहे,
    अच्छाई और बुराई का जब भी हम चुनाव करे
    गुरु आपकी ये अमृत वाणी हमेशा मुझको याद रहे,

    गुरु बिन ज्ञान नहीं
    गुरु बिन ज्ञान नहीं रे।अंधकार बस तब तक ही है,
    जब तक है दिनमान नहीं रे॥
    मिले न गुरु का अगर सहारा,
    मिटे नहीं मन का अंधियारा

    लक्ष्य नहीं दिखलाई पड़ता,
    पग आगे रखते मन डरता।

    हो पाता है पूरा कोई भी अभियान नहीं रे।
    गुरु बिन ज्ञान नहीं रे॥

    जब तक रहती गुरु से दूरी,
    होती मन की प्यास न पूरी।

    गुरु मन की पीड़ा हर लेते,
    दिव्य सरस जीवन कर देते।

    गुरु बिन जीवन होता ऐसा,
    जैसे प्राण नहीं, नहीं रे॥

    भटकावों की राहें छोड़ें,
    गुरु चरणों से मन को जोड़ें।

    गुरु के निर्देशों को मानें,
    इनको सच्ची सम्पत्ति जानें।

    धन, बल, साधन, बुद्धि, ज्ञान का,
    कर अभिमान नहीं रे, गुरु बिन ज्ञान नहीं रे॥

    गुरु से जब अनुदान मिलेंगे,
    अति पावन परिणाम मिलेंगे।

    टूटेंगे भवबन्धन सारे, खुल जायेंगे, प्रभु के द्वारे।
    क्या से क्या तुम बन जाओगे, तुमको ध्यान नहीं, नहीं रे॥

  2. ज्ञान का दीपक

    ज्ञान का दीपक वो जलाते 
    ज्ञान का दीपक वो जलाते हैं,
    माता पिता के बाद वो आते हैं।
    माता देती हैं हमको जीवन,
    पिता करते हैं हमारी सुरक्षा,
    लेकिन जो जीवन को सजाते हैं,
    वही हमारे शिक्षक कहलाते है।|
    शिक्षक बिना न ज्ञान है,
    शिक्षक बिना न मान है,
    हमारा जीवन सफल बनाते हैं,
    ज्ञान का दीपक वो जलाते हैं।|
    जीवन संघर्षो से लड़ना शिक्षक हमे बताते हैं।
    सत्य न्याय के पथ पे चलना शिक्षक हमे बताते हैं
    ज्ञान का दीपक वो जलाते हैं, माता पिता के बाद वो आते है

  3. सच्ची मानवता की भावना हमारे जीवन में शिक्षक ही भरते हैं |
    हर परिस्थिति में खुश रहना हमें शिक्षक ही सिखाते हैं |
    हर चुनौती को स्वीकारना शिक्षक हमें बताते हैं |
    विद्या धन का ज्ञान देकर शिक्षक जीवन सार्थक करते हैं,
    ईश्वर से बढ़कर होते शिक्षक ये कबीर बतलाते हैं |
    जीवन में कुछ करना है तो शिक्षक का सम्मान करें
    श्रद्धा पूर्वक शीश झुकाकर प्रतिदिन उन्हें प्रणाम करें |
    Teacher’s Day Poem In Hindi
  4. शिक्षक महान हैं

    शिक्षक महान हैं, हमें देते जो ज्ञान हैं।
    शिक्षक का सम्मान करना, अपनी ही शान है।

    हम फूल है चमन के, शिक्षक बागवान हैं।
    शिक्षक ही से महकता ये सारा संसार है।

    शिक्षक की इज्जत करना, अपना गौरव  है।
    शिक्षक की आज्ञा मानना हम सब का धर्म है।

    शिक्षक को सम्मान देना, यही छात्र कृति है।

    शिक्षक का ही दिया हुआ जीवन का दान है।
    जो खत्म ही न होता वह देता ज्ञान है।

    शिक्षक की इज्जत करना अपनी  शान है।
    शिक्षक ही तो दुनिया को सन्मार्ग दिखाता है।
    प्रभु ने भी किया सदा उसको ‘प्रणाम’ है।

    शिक्षक को इज्जत देना अपनी ही शान है।
    गिरते है जब हम, तो उठाते है शिक्षक

    जीवन की राह दिखाते शिक्षक।
    अंधेरे ग्रहों पर बनकर दीपक

    जीवन को रौशन करते है शिक्षक।
    कभी नन्हीं आँखों में नमी जो होती,
    तो अच्छे दोस्त बनकर हमें हँसाते है शिक्षक।

    झटकती हैं दुनिया हाथ कभी जब,
    तो झटपट हाथ बढ़ाते शिक्षक।

    जीवन डगर है जीवन समर है,
    जीवन संघर्ष सिखाते शिक्षक।

    देकर अपने ज्ञान की पूँजी,
    हमें योग्य मानव बनाते शिक्षक।

    इस देश और दुनिया के लिये,
    एक मुकम्मल समाज बनाते शिक्षक।

    नहीं हो कहीं अशान्ति, अशान्ति,
    बस यही एक पैगाम फैलाते शिक्षक।

  5. ये शिक्षक कहलाते हैं

    रोज सुबह मिलते है इनसे,
    क्या हमको करना है ये बतलाते है |
    ले के तस्वीरें इन्सानों की,
    सही गलत का भेद हमें ये बतलाते है |
    कभी ड़ांट तो कभी प्यार से,
    कितना कुछ हमको ये समझाते है ।
    है भविष्य देश का जिन में,
    उनका सबका भविष्य ये बनाते है |
    है रगं कई इस जीवन में,
    रगों की दुनिया से पहचान, ये करवाते है ।
    खो ना जाये भीड़ में कहीं हम,
    हम को हम से ही ये मिलवाते है ।
    हार हार के फिर लड़ना ही जीत है सच्ची,
    ऐसा एहसास ये हमको करवाते है ।
    कोशिश करते रहना हर पल,
    जीवन का अर्थ हमें ये बतलाते है ।
    देते है नेक मज़िल भी हमें,
    राह भी बेहत्तर हमे ये दिखलाते है ।
    देते है ज्ञान जीवन का,
    काम यही सब है इनका,
    ये शिक्षक कहलाते है, ये शिक्षक कहलाते है ||

    Happy Teachers Day

    Teacher’s Day Poem In Hindi - ये शिक्षक कहलाते हैं

Teacher’s Day Poem In Marathi

  1. शिक्षक म्हणजे विशाल वृक्षच असतो
    ज्याच्य फांदी फांदीतून सळसळत असतात बेदरकारपणे
    ज्ञानाची पानं
    त्याच्याच छायेखाली सौख्य लाभते
    अज्ञानाच्या उन्हात न्हाऊन निघालेल्या
    अस्फुट चित्कांरांना
    किंवा त्याच्याच रेषेखाली अधांतरी
    लटकेली असतात

    कित्येक भावनांच्या डोहात भिजून
    नतमस्तक झालेली इवालाल्या चेहऱ्याची
    निरागस अक्षरे
    शिक्षक नसतो कधीच बिचारा
    तोच तर असतो सर्वस्वी बादशहा शाळेचा
    त्याच्याच स्वमीत्वाने महत्व येत असते शाळेला
    तोच तर असतो खरा संशोधक, शास्त्रज्ञ
    नखशिखान्त अंधर भरलेल्या चिमूकल्या गोळ्यातून

    सूर्याचं तेज बाहेर काढणारा
    तो समाज सुधारक क्रांती कारकही तोच
    कित्येक चेतनांना पाठबळ असते
    त्याच्या समर्थ तत्त्वज्ञानाचे
    शिक्षकाला जपावी लागतात
    कुतूहलाच्या झाडाची पानं जीवापाड
    आणि आकार द्यावा लागतो
    एका मुक्त पणे बागडणाऱ्या
    निराकार चैत्यनाला…
    कधी स्वतःला विसरून बागडावं ही लागतं
    जाणून घ्यावी लागतात बोल खोल खोल काळजाच्या आत

    कधी अंधाअ ही प्यावा लागतो बोनबोभाट पणे
    तेव्हा कुठे चमकतात उजेडाची किरणं उद्दीष्टांच्या वाटेवर
    त्याच्या सोबतील असतेच की खडूची धारदार तलवार अन
    फळ्याची ढाल असते पाठीशी
    विश्वास ठेवा एक ना एक दिवस अंधार संपून उजेडाचे राज्य येईल.
    अन तेंव्हा मात्र शिक्षक म्हणून त्याची प्रतिमा अधिक स्पष्ट दिसेल

  2. रोज सकाळी आपण भेटतो त्यांना
    काय करायचे आहे आपल्याला सांगतात ते
    अनेक दिग्गजांचे फोटो घेऊन
    योग्य-अयोग्यचा भेद आपल्याला शिकवतात ते
    कधी ओरडून तर कधी प्रेमाने
    आपल्याला किती समजवतात ते
    जे आहेत देशाचे भविष्य 
    त्यांचं भविष्य घडवणारे आहेत हे 
    देतात आपल्याला जीवनाचं ज्ञान
    फक्त हेच आहे त्यांचं काम 
    तेच म्हणवतात शिक्षक तेच म्हणवतात शिक्षक
  3. शिक्षक म्हणजे

    शिक्षक म्हणजे,
    आयुष्याला कलाटणी देणारी प्रेरणा, 
    ध्येयापूर्तीसाठी मार्ग दाखविणारी दिशा, 
    कधी बिकट परिस्थितीत, प्रेमाची साथ, 
    तर कधी पाठीवरील शाबासकीचा हात, 
    कधी कौतूकाचे गोड शब्द 
    तर कधी हातावर बेसणारा छडीचा मार.

    शिक्षक म्हणजे, 
    चांगले संस्कार करणारी मूर्ती, 
    संकटकाळात धैर्य देणारी स्फूर्ती, 
    चारित्र्यपूर्ण विद्यार्थी घडवणारा शिल्पकार, 
    जादूची छडी जी करते विद्यार्थ्याची स्वप्ने साकार.

    शिक्षक म्हणजे, 
    सखोल मूलभूत ज्ञानाचे भांडार, 
    दूर करी जीवनातील अज्ञानमय अंधार, 
    अन्यायाविरुद्ध आवाज उठविणारी तलवार, 
    अनुभवातून निर्माण होणारा साक्षात्कार, 
    असे हे शिक्षकांचे आजन्म न फिटणारे उपकार

Best Teacher’s Day Images: Poems And Rhymes

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