35+ Happy Father’s Day Poems To Express Love And Appreciation

By HighClap

Pay tribute to dad with a poem that resonates with you.

Father’s Day Poems

Short And Sweet Father's Day Poems


Happy Father's Day

A Dad is a person
who is loving and kind,
And often he knows
what you have on your mind.

He's someone who listens,
suggests, and defends.
A dad can be one
of your very best friends!

He's proud of your triumphs,
but when things go wrong,
A dad can be patient
and helpful and strong

In all that you do,
a dad's love plays a part.
There's always a place for him
deep in your heart.

And each year that passes,
you're even more glad,
More grateful and proud
just to call him your dad!

Thank you, Dad...
for listening and caring,
for giving and sharing,
but, especially, for just being you!

Happy Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day - Father's Day Poem

Lucky Me and Mommy

Daddy I want to let you know,
How lucky Mommy and I are,
Because when it comes to daddies,
You really are a star!


Silent, Strong Dad

Silent, Strong Dad - Father's Day Poem

He never looks for praise.
He's never one to boast.
He just goes on quietly working
For those he loves the most.

His dreams are seldom spoken.
His wants are very few,
And most of the time his worries
Will go unspoken, too.

He's there… a firm foundation
Through all our storms of life,
A sturdy hand to hold onto
In times of stress and strife.

A true friend we can turn to
When times are good or bad.
One of our greatest blessings,
The man that we call Dad.

By Karen K. Boyer



A Father means so many things…
A understanding heart,
A source of strength and of support
Right from the very start.
A constant readiness to help
In a kind and thoughtful way.
With encouragement and forgiveness
No matter what comes your way.
A special generosity and always affection, too
A Father means so many things
When he’s a man like you…


One And Only Dad

You have given me
The best I know you’ve had,
So I wish you the best this Father’s Day,
My one and only Dad.


What Makes a Dad

God took the strength of a mountain,
The majesty of a tree,
The warmth of a summer sun,
The calm of a quiet sea,

The generous soul of nature,
The comforting arm of night,
The wisdom of the ages,
The power of the eagle’s flight,

The joy of a morning in spring,
The faith of a mustard seed,
The patience of eternity,
The depth of a family need,

Then God combined these qualities,
When there was nothing more to add,
He knew His masterpiece was complete,
And so,

He called it … Dad

What Makes a Dad - Father's Day Poem

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day - Father's Day Poem

Happy Fathers Day
Happy Fathers day means more
than have a happy day
It means i love you first of all
Then thanks for all you do
It means you mean a lot to me
and that I honor you.

By Jennifer

Father’s Day Poems From Daughter


A Little Girl Needs Daddy

A Little Girl Needs Daddy - Father's Day Poem

A little girl needs Daddy
For many, many things:
Like holding her high off the ground
Where the sunlight sings!
Like being the deep music
That tells her all is right
When she awakens frantic with
The terrors of the night.

Like being the great mountain
That rises in her heart
And shows her how she might get home
When all else falls apart.

Like giving her the love
That is her sea and air,
So diving deep or soaring high
She'll always find him there.


My Dad

If I could write a story,
It would be the greatest ever told.
I'd write about my daddy,
For he had a heart of gold.

My dad, he was no hero
Known around this world.
He was everything to me,
For I was his baby girl.

I'd write about the lessons.
He taught me right from wrong.
He instilled in me the values
That one day I'd be strong.

He taught me to face my fears,
Take each day as it comes,
For there are things that we can't change.
He would say what's done is done.

He would say hold your head up high,
Carry yourself with pride.
Thanks to him, I am somebody,
I will never run and hide.

If I could write a story,
It would be the greatest ever told.
I'd write about my daddy,
For he had a heart of gold.

Father’s Day Poems From Son


Perhaps we’ll never understand each other…..

Perhaps we’ll never understand each other.
Loving doesn’t mean that we agree.
If that were so, then I would say, why bother?
But there are things I know I’ll never see.
I’m sure your heart knows what I don’t yet know:
The pain of loving a reluctant son;
The anger, coming fast and building slow,
Of being helpless to control someone.
You want only that I grow up right,
But you know what right is, and I still don’t.
I have to learn to wield my inner light,
And if I follow yours, well, then I won’t.
I’m sorry for the anger in the air;
Though we fight, my love is always there.


The Bond Between Father and Son

A father and his son
Are inexplicably bound,
And that bond isn't severed just
Because Dad's no longer around.

A son remembers his father's words,
His wisdom and his wit.
There's never a day the ever goes by,
When the son doesn't find a use for it.

And this is how the father lives on
Inside the heart of his son.
Although they were parted years ago
In this way, the two live as one.

By Kelly Roper

The Bond Between Father and Son - Father's Day Poem

My Dad

When I was just a tiny kid,
Do you remember when,
It seems like only yesterday,
You wiped away my tears,
And late at night I called your name,
To chase away my fears.

Though time has changed your handsome grip,
Your hair is snowy white,
You gait's a little slower now,
Thick glasses help your sight.

Oh, do I thirst for years gone by,
To be that growing lad,
Re-living all of the memories,
Of growing with my dad.

My Dad - Father's Day Poem

Father’s Day In Heaven Poems From Daughter


A Poem for Daddy in Heaven

A Poem for Daddy in Heaven - Father's Day Poem

I know you can hear me
way up in heaven
because we talk
through our hearts.

Dear Daddy in heaven
I miss you every day
and I know you miss me too.

No matter how old I get
or how long you're gone,
I hear you, Daddy,
up in heaven
through the love
in my heart.

By Michele Meleen


Still Missing You After All These Years

I was only eight years old
When mom told me you had died.
I didn't fully know what it meant.
I felt numb, but I still cried.

I didn't know how big a hole
your passing would leave.
I didn't understand how much loneliness
I was about to receive.

Broken heart monument
As the years have gone by,
I've forgotten a few things,
Like the sound of your voice,
And how your laughter used to ring.

I can't remember exactly what
It was like when you held me,
But I do remember it left me with
A feeling of warmth and security.

My first birthday spent without you
Was hardest after you were gone.
That first Christmas just wasn't the same,
And it remains so as the years go on.

There have been thousands of times
When I've wished you were still here,
To celebrate all of my joys,
And help me calm my fear.

I've spent more of my life without you
Then with you, I'm sad to say.
But I want you to know I still love you,
And I think about you every day.

By Kelly Roper 


Your Very Own Guardian Angel

Your Very Own Guardian Angel - Father's Day Poem

The loss of a father
Is a heavy burden to bear.
He's a source of quiet strength
That is so missed when he's not there.

Take comfort he's in Heaven,
And looking down at you.
He'll be there through the coming years,
Watching over and guiding you.

He's your very own guardian angel,
And he'll be with you to the end,
When you meet again in Heaven,
And your broken heart will finally mend.

By Kelly Roper


Father's Day Without You Is like Music

Father's Day without you is like music
Muted by a distance undisturbed.
It is so faint I cannot tell the feeling,
Though I myself am gripped with pensive sorrow.

I listen all the more for what I cannot
Hear, and you are somewhere close beside me.
"It's joy!" you say, and then I nod, unbending,
Listening still while weeping like fine rain.

Yes, it's joy, and you again are with me.
I turn to you, and I am in your arms.
The music is a rhapsody around me,
And I am safe again and free to cry.

It is so beautiful, I cannot stand it,
I am a torrent, shaking in my gladness,
And you recede, as distant as the music,
Smiling dimly far across the plain.

"Please, please!" I say, yet know that what I'm asking
No longer is. Your day will come and go,
And I will crave and fear its restless turning
Because my happiness must be my pain.

By Nicholas Gordon


A Father's Love

Love so true, a father gives
his children are forever his.
From cradle, into adulthood
gives shelter, in the deepest flood.

His arm, embraces you so tender
for love so true, will always render.
Compassion, in his loving eyes
Forgiveness, from the heart inside.

The strictest measure, he will place
conduct his home, with all his grace.
Respect his person, dearest child

Your father always, by your side.

By Maria Wells-Burr


Father's Day In Heaven

I love you and I miss you, Dad,
and though you've passed away,
you'll never be forgotten,
for I think of you each day.

If heaven celebrates this day
how special it will be.
A gathering of the many dads
upon our family tree.

Your father and grandfather
and great grandfather too.
How wonderful it is, if they
can spend this day with you.

May you know how much I love you,
though I'm here and you are there.
Happy Father's Day in heaven
to the best dad anywhere!

Father's Day In Heaven - Father's Day Poem

Only wanted YOU

If I could have one lifetime wish
A dream that would come true,
I’d pray to God with all my heart,
For yesterday and YOU.

In life I loved you dearly,
In death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place
No one else can fill.

You left behind my broken heart
And happy memories too…
But I never wanted memories DAD
I only wanted YOU.

Only wanted YOU - Father's Day Poem

Father’s Day In Heaven Poems From Son


Remembering My Wonderful Dad

I didn’t know that morning,
The pain the day would bring,
When a golden heart stopped beating
And I couldn’t do a thing.

No words can heal the heartache
Or stop a silent tear,
Or take away the memories
Of the DAD I loved so dear.

Your resting place I visit
The flowers a place with care
But nothing compares to the pain I feel
When I turn and leave you  there.

Father’s Day Acrostic Poems


D - Dedicated
 A -  Amazing
 D - Dependable

Acrostic  Father's Day Poem

Daddy, you
Do your best
Despite Mum tutting, to give us
Yummy treats. You are the best!

Acrostic  Father's Day Poem

He’s so awesome
Amazing at his job
Plays lots of golf
Plays soccer with me
Yay for Dad!

Fun to be around
Always there to help me
Takes his time on something new
He cares for me
Everyday he makes me happy
Reads and gets smarter
So cool

Does everything he can to help
Always funny
You are the best dad ever!

Acrostic  Father's Day Poem

Fun to be around
Always there to help me
Takes his time on something new
He cares for me
Every day he makes me happy
Reads and gets smarter



Acrostic  Father's Day Poem

Father, thank you for
Always being there for me
Teaching me skills
Having  the biggest heart
Expecting nothing and giving me everything
Really, you are the best

Acrostic  Father's Day Poem

Celebrating Fathers

Fathers are fun - and serious too!
And you learn more from them than you do at school.
Think of all the good times you've had.
How would it be without your dad?
Everything would be harder with no mentor for growth.
Reflect on the man who loves you the most.
Soon will come the day for you to fill his shoes.

Do you think your dad would accept an excuse?
Always try your best, that's what he would say.
Yes, think of your dad on this Father's Day!

Father's Day Poems For Husband From Wife


Man Of The Year 

You've been in our lives for so many seasons
I'm pouring my heart out for that very reason
I've given you life, my husband and friend
Our love affair shall never end
And though our love has been through the fire
You and only you are my true heart's desire
I pray for the man that is paving the way
For our children each and every day
A man who is...
A man who's...
It's no wonder why God's on your side
He gave you the strength to father a child
And even when we don't know what to say
Your wisdom consistently saves the day
I opened my heart to you, simply to say...



When I look at you

When I look at you being a dad to our children,
my heart swells with gratitude and pride,

I find myself sitting in a corner, admiring you be your natural self,
being in your comfort zone of daddy hood.

I feel so blessed to have a husband like you
I am so thankful that my children are blessed
with a father as caring, thoughtful, and supportive as you

It must be Heavenly Father looking out for me
He knew we would compliment each other
so he blessed us with each other

On this Father's Day here is a wish for you
I wish for continuous blessings from above
For God's guidance, protection, strength
For health, long life and prosperity

I want to thank you for always putting our children's interest first
We love you from the bottom of our hearts
We wish you Happy Father's Day


I feel blessed

Being a dad is more than a day
More than a thank-you or annual display
Your laughter and caring, adventure and humor
So giving, befitting the honor of father

I couldn’t have picked a better man
To travel through life with our crazy clan
You’re my husband, my hero, and may I suggest
A wonderful father — the best of the best!

When I look at you being a dad to our children,
my heart swells with gratitude and pride,

I find myself sitting in a corner, admiring you be your natural self,
being in your comfort zone of daddyhood.

I feel so blessed to have a husband like you
I am so thankful that my children are blessed
with a father as caring, thoughtful, and supportive as you

It must be Heavenly Father looking out for me
He knew we would compliment each other
so he blessed us with each other

On this Father’s Day here is a wish for you
I wish for continuous blessings from above
For God’s guidance, protection, strength
For health, long life and prosperity

I want to thank you for always putting our children’s interest first
We love you from the bottom of our hearts
We wish you Happy Father’s Day

Inspirational Short Father’s Day Poems


You’ve Been There For Me

You’ve been there for me all my life,
And loved me through both joy and strife,
So with gratitude I’d like to say,
Have a Happy Father’s Day!


Lucky To Call You Dad

I’m so lucky to call you my Dad,
You’re the best anyone ever had,
To call you my own is a true honor,
There really could never be a better father!
Happy Father’s Day!


Daddy you are the Best  

Daddy you are the best, 
although you live in the west. 
stay the way you are,
while your driving your sports car. 
You couldn’t be a better dad 
oh yeah, don’t go driving around mad 
I love you for ever 
cause you’r really clever 
Even though i puss and shove 
I will still show all my love 

By Olivia Elliott & Simeran Mason

Father's Day Poem In Hindi | फादर्स दे पर हिन्दी कविता


पिता एक उम्मीद

पिता एक उम्मीद है एक आस है,
परिवार की हिम्मत और विश्वास है,
बाहर से सख्त और अंदर से नरम है,
उसके दिल में दफन कई मरम है,

पिता संघर्ष की आंधियों में हौसलों की दीवार है,
परेशानियों से लड़ने को दो धारी तलवार है,
बचपन में खुश करने वाला बिछौना है,
पिता जिम्मेदारियों से लदी गाड़ी का सारथी है,

सबको बराबर का हक़ दिलाता एक महारथी है,
सपनों को पूरा करने में लगने वाली जान है,
इसी में तो माँ और बच्चों की पहचान है,
पिता जमीर है, पिता जागीर है,

जिसके पास ये है वह सबसे अमीर है,
कहने को तो सब ऊपर वाला देता है,
पर खुदा का ही एक रूप पिता का शरीर है।


पिता क्या है?

मेरा साहस मेरा सम्मान है पिता,
मेरी ताकत मेरी पुंजी मेरी पहचान है पिता,
घर की एक-एक ईंट में शामिल उनका खून-पसीना,
सारे घर की रौनक उनसे सारे घर की शान पिता,

मेरी इज्जत मेरी मेरी शोहरत मेरा रुतबा मेरा मान है पिता,
मुझको हिम्मत देने वाले मेरा अभिमान है पिता,
सारे रिश्ते उनके दम से सारे नाते उनसे है,

सारे घर की दिल की धड्कन सारे घर की जान है पिता,
शायद रब ने दे कर भेजा फल ये अच्छे कर्मों का,
उसकी रहमत उसकी नेअमत उसका है वरदान पिता।


फिर पुराने नीम के नीचे खड़ा हूँ
फिर पिता की याद आई है मुझे
नीम सी यादें हृदय में चुप समेटे
चारपाई डाल आँगन बीच लेटे
सोचते हैं हित सदा उनके घरों का

कुमार विश्वास 


मेरे पापा

मेरा साहस मेरी इज्जत मेरा सम्मान है पिता।
मेरी ताकत मेरी पूँजी मेरी पहचान है पिता।
घर की इक-इक ईट में शामिल उनका खून पसीना।
सारे घर की रौनक उनसे सारे घर की शान पिता।
मेरी शोहरत मेरा रुतबा मेरा है मान पिता।
मुझको हिम्मत देने वाले मेरा हैं अभिमान पिता।
सारे रिश्ते उनके दम से सारे नाते उनसे हैं।
सारे घर के दिल की धड़कन सारे घर की जान पित।
शायद रब ने देकर भेजा फल ये अच्छे कर्मों का।
उसकी रहमत उसकी नेमत उसका है वरदान पिता।

आज भी वो प्यारी मुस्कान याद आती है।
जो मेरी शरारतों से पापा के चेहरे पर खिल जाती थी।
अपने कन्धों पर बैठाकर वो मुझे दुनिया की सैर कराते थे।
जहां भी जाते मेरे लिए ढेर सारे तोहफे लाते थे।
मेरे हर जन्मदिन पर वो मुझे साथ मंदिर ले जाते थे।
मेरे हर रिजल्ट का बखान पूरी दुनिया को बताते थे।
मेरी जिंदगी के सारे सपने उनकी आँखों में पल रहे थे।
मेरे लिए खुशियों का आशियाना वो हर पल बन रहे थे।
मेरे सपने उनके साथ चले गए मेरे पापा मुझे छोड़ गए।
अब आँखों में शरारत नहीं बस आंसू ही दीखते हैं।
एक बार तो वापस आ जाओ पापा।
हैप्पी फादर्स डे तो सुन जाओ पापा।


मेरे पिता मेरा अभिमान

कभी अभिमान तो कभी स्वाभिमान है पिता
कभी पृथ्वी तो कभी ब्रह्मांड है पिता
अगर जन्म दिया है माँ ने
जिनसे मिली पहचान मुझे
पिता है वो…

कभी कंधे पे चड़ाकर मेला दिखता है पिता…
कभी बनके घोड़ा घुमाता है वो पिता…
माँ अगर मैरों पे चलना सिखाती है…
तो पैरों पे खड़ा होना सिखाता है पिता…

कभी रोटी तो कभी पानी है पिता…
कभी बुढ़ापा तो कभी जवानी है पिता…
माँ अगर है मासूम सी लोरी…
तो कभी ना भूलने वाली कहानी है पिता…

कभी हंसी तो कभी अनुशासन है पिता…
कभी मौन तो कभी भाषण है पिता…
माँ अगर घर में रसोई है…
तो घर में आता जिससे राशन वो है पिता…

कभी ख़्वाब को पूरी करने की जिम्मेदारी है पिता…
कभी आंसुओं में छिपी लाचारी है पिता…
माँ अगर बेच सकती है जरुरत पे गहने…
तो जो अपने को बेच दे वो व्यापारी है पिता…

कभी हंसी और खुशी का मेला है पिता…
कभी कितना तन्हा और अकेला है पिता…
माँ तो कह देती है अपने दिल की बात…
सब कुछ समेटे आसमान सा फैला है पिता…

माँ की ममता को तो… 
सब ने ही स्वीकारा है…
पर पिता की परवरिश को…
कब किसने ललकारा है…!!

मुश्किल की घड़ियों में अक्सर…
मेरे साथ खड़े थे वो...
मेरी गलतियां थी फिर भी……
मेरी खातिर लड़े थे वो…!!

कमियों का अहसास…
मुझको कभी हो न पाई…
कपकपा कर सोते थे वो…
मेरे ऊपर डालके रजाई…!!

माँ की गोदी की गर्माहट…
के बराबर उनकी थपकी…
कंधा उनका बिस्तर बनती…
आँखे हलकी सी जो मेरी झपकती…!!

उनके हौसले ने कभी न…
आँखे नम होने दिए है…
जितनी थी मेरी जरूरत…
सबको तो पूरी किया है…!!

उनकी लाड में जो पाया…
थोड़ी कड़वापन सही…
मेरी खातिर मुझे डाटा…
था वही बचपन सही…!!

जिंदगी की दौड़ में अब…
अपने पैरों पर खड़े…
उनके जज़्बों की बदौलत…
मुश्किलों से हम लड़े…!!

सर पे उनका साया जब तक…
चिंता न डर है कोई…!!
उनके कंधों की बदौलत बढ़ रही है जिंदगी……!!


बचपन का ज़माना

एक बचपन का ज़माना था,
जिस में खुशियों का खजाना था,
चाहत चाँद को पाने की थी,
पर दिल तितली का दीवाना था,

खबर ना थी कुछ सुबहा की,
ना शाम का कोई ठिकाना था,
थक कर आना स्कूल से,
पर खेलने भी जाना था,

माँ की कहानी थी,
परियों का फ़साना था,
बारिश में कागज की नाव थी,
हर मौसम सुहाना था,
रोने की कोई वजह ना थी,

और मैं अपने "पापा" का दीवाना था।

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