Happy Birthday Friend! 50+ Birthday Wishes And Quotes For Friends

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Happy Birthday friend! Dedicate these happy birthday wishes and quotes to your best friend. These are ideal to share as SMS, Whatsapp and Facebook status messages.

Happy Birthday Friend! 50+ Birthday Wishes And Quotes For Friends

Happy Birthday Best Friend- Birthday Wishes For Friend

  1. Happy Birthday dear friend! For a special friend like you, the sky’s the limit on your birthday and every day!
  2. Happy Birthday dear! Friends like you make life more thrilling! You are a gift to everyone around you
  3. Happy birthday to my charming, sweet best friend! I love you to the moon and back and am so grateful for your friendship. Lots of love and hugs!
  4. Happy birthday to my beautiful friend, you're definitely the best! I wish you all the success in life.
  5. Happy Birthday to my fabulous and kind hearted friend! You were there with me in all thicks and thins. On this day, I pray for your immense success and happiness.
  6. I am so grateful that you are a part of my life. All the best on your birthday, dear friend!
  7. I am so proud to have you as my friend. May this Birthday be your happiest in every sense!
  8. Wow! You make 40 look good! Happy birthday my super hot best friend!
  9. Don’t ever change! Stay as amazing as you are, my dear friend. Happy Birthday!Happy Birthday Quote for best friend
  10. I’m so lucky to have a best friend like you and I can't wait to celebrate this day with you. Let’s party!!
  11. Dear friend! Hope your birthday is as awesome and cheerful as you are!
  12. On this wonderful day, I wish you loads of happiness, fun and laughter. Happy Birthday Friend!
  13. Let’s light the candles and celebrate this special day of your life, my friend. Happy Birthday!Happy Birthday Quote
  14. Happy Birthday to the wonderful human being I have ever met! Stay the same, dear friend!
  15. You’re one of the blessings of my life. Wish you a very loving Happy Birthday Friend!
  16. I didn’t know what a true friend was until I met you. Thank you for being by my side! Happy Birthday my lovely friend!
  17. On your Birthday, I want to tell you that you have helped me become a better person. I pray to God for your tenfold success in the coming years.
  18. Dear friend, Happy Birthday! Wish I could be with you to celebrate the day together. Lots of hugs and kisses. happy birthday bestie.
  19. Happy Birthday, friend! On this day, I wish you the best that life has to offer!
  20. Happy Birthday to my pretty, strong, smart, talented, and all-around wonderful best friend!
  21. Happy Birthday BFF! I wish you a fantastic and fun-filled birthday.Happy Birthday BFF! I wish you a fantastic and fun-filled birthday.
  22. Happy Birthday to the one person who’s always stood by my side. I hope your big day is as joyful as you are.
  23. I hope we stay close friends for the rest of our lives. Happy Birthday bestie!
  24. A very Happy Birthday to my dear friend who brightens up my life! It is pure bliss to have you around.
  25. Happy Birthday beautiful friend! Your kindness and generosity is what makes you special.
  26. Happy Birthday buddy! You are really a gem of a person and I wish you to become like you.
  27. Happy Birthday to a special friend! You brighten up my life like no one else.Happy Birthday to a special friend! You brighten up my life like no one else
  28. You are truly an angel sent by God in my life. On your Birthday, I pray for your well being and happiness.
  29. Happy Birthday BFF! Your honesty and dedication towards our relationship is what I value the most.
  30. To my bestie...A very happy and joyful Happy Birthday! May God fill all the colors in your life!
  31. Happy Birthday best friend! It always makes me wonder whether you are my greatest strength or greatest weakness.
  32. Dear friend, you are my pillar of support who help me sail through difficult moments in life. On your Birthday, I pray to God to bless you with luck, happiness and success.
  33. Happy Birthday bestie! Wish you the best things, best days, best people and a great life ahead.Happy Birthday bestie! Wish you the best things, best days, best people and a great life ahead.
  34. Happy Birthday bestie- special, unique and one and only you!
  35. Happy Birthday buddy! You have also been a pillar of support in my down times.
  36. Wish you a very Happy Birthday friend! May today and all of your days be amazing.
  37. Here’s to another year full of laughing and giggles. Happy Birthday best friend!
  38. Hope your birthday is just like you...insanely awesome and colorful! Love you, friend!
  39. Happy Birthday bestie! May your special day be loaded with love, happiness and laughter.
  40. Surely blessed to have a friend like you in my life. Happy birthday to an amazing friend!
  41. Thank you for being my best friend! Wish you a fun-filled and joyous Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

  1. Happy Birthday... from one fabulous chick to another!
  2. Happy Birthday my partner in crime! The one who laughs on my stupid jokes and always support me without thinking about the consequences.
  3. Happy Birthday buddy! Age is just a number...for me! I am still young!
  4. Happy Birthday to my ever gorgeous and fierce bestie. Let's party all night!Happy Birthday to my ever gorgeous and fierce bestie. Let's party all night
  5. May your hair dye and mascara never run! Happy Birthday, oldie yet goldie! Xoxo
  6. You make 50 looks awesome! Cheers to you buddy!
  7. Cheers to an old man, who still thinks he is young! Happy Birthday friend!

Happy Birthday Friend- Birthday Quotes For Friend

These deep friendship quotes are ideal to dedicate to your friends or best friends on their Birthday. You can use them either as greeting card messages or just send as SMS birthday wishes.

  1. “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” – Oprah Winfrey
    Oprah Winfrey Birthday Quote
  2. "There are two great days in a person’s life – the day we are born and the day we discover why." - William Barclay
  3. “It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  4. “Birthdays are a great time to stop and appreciate gravity. Sure, it makes things sag as you get older, but it also keeps your cake from flying all over the room, so you don’t have to chase it.” Greg Tamblyn
  5. "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis
  6. "Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!" - Dr. Seuss
  7. "If life gives you lemons you should make lemonade... and try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party." - Ron White
  8. "Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.’ - Coco Chanel ‘In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln
  9. "As you get older, three things happen: the first is your memory goes, and I can’t remember the other two." - Norman Wisdom.
    Norman Wisdom birthday quote
  10. "Best friends are the people you can do anything and nothing with and still have the best time." - Unknown
  11. "The more sand that has escaped from the hourglass of our life, the clearer we should see through it." - Jean-Paul Sartre

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